Wellness is much more than just the absence of disease. It’s time to reinvent your understanding of what it means to be healthy. At OHA we understand true health to be an optimal state of well-being in which your physical, emotional and spiritual selves are operating in harmony with one another.

Good health begins with you. You can change your future right now with the choices you make. Let us help put you on the path to wellness!

 Health is a path managed mindfully

Health Is A Path Managed Mindfully

We all take one path or another with respect to our health. In our fast-paced world, attending to outside problems tends to take precedence over what’s going on internally. You get ready for work while watching the news; you plan your day during your commute. You overextend yourself, and your health suffers.

Slowing down is a foreign concept to most of us. Did you know that multi-tasking registers as stress in the mind and triggers a stress response in the body?

Every body is different. We aren’t all born with perfect health. But each person has an inherent balance that is just right for their own body. This state of balance is good health.

Wellness is a personal commitment. Think of your health as a continuum of development rather than a static, all-or-nothing state. It’s a journey; a path. At OHA we believe that cultivating mindfulness is the key to overcoming obstacles to human potential. Awakening to the problems caused by inner fragmentation creates a foundation for optimal wellness and healthy, harmonious living.

Living mindfully means being thoughtful, present and attentive in every moment. Think about what you do and why you do it. You will begin to find something of value in every moment. Establish goals. Keep at it. Nurture yourself.

The natural world is a wellspring of healing power. With self-observation and an understanding of the vast healing power of nature, you can develop an approach to wellness that puts you on the path to harmony, balance, and equilibrium. And we can help.

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 Nothing exists in the body in isolation

Nothing Exists In the Body in Isolation

We all know that our bodies and minds work best in a state of balanced equilibrium. We each face unique struggles in our day-to-day lives that throw us out of balance in many ways. These imbalances, large and small, cause the “dis-ease” that we all experience.

Your body is an infinitely complicated collection of systems. Its many parts — an elaborate arrangement of living tissues, organs, and myriad other components — are all involved in multiple, interdependent processes.

These various parts of the body cannot function in isolation; they are intricately related. They depend on one another to keep you fit and functional. Finding your way to proper health is a balancing act.

If something goes wrong in one part of the body, it can throw off the balance of the entire system. For this reason, when helping you to stay at the peak of good health, or to recover from illness, we give our attention to your whole person. We treat you, the individual — not just a part of you.

You are more than the sum of your parts, and your pathway to good health may lead to many possible avenues of healing. We can help you navigate as you find your balance.

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 Symptoms are messengers

Symptoms are the Messengers

One of the biggest conceptual pitfalls to avoid when managing your personal wellness is to mistake symptoms for the deeper imbalances they signal.

Much of what conventional, or allopathic, medicine categorizes as “diseases” are symptoms of some kind of disequilibrium in body, mind and/or spirit. Unfortunately, many people find that conventional treatment approaches typically mask their symptoms without fully addressing their underlying causes.

Understanding symptoms to be the body’s messengers is crucial to being able to practice mindful prevention.

Tolle Causam — “Find the Cause”

Suppressing the symptom is as good as ignoring the imbalance: treat a headache with aspirin, and you neglect the opportunity to find out the root cause of the problem.

Your headache wasn’t caused by an aspirin deficiency! Disease management is not health care, which is why we promote optimal health instead of “treating disease.”

Traditional naturopathy recognizes that symptoms are your body’s attempt to describe its imbalances. Rather than treating a symptom of poor health as something to be medicated and ignored, we focus on getting to the bottom of the problem.

We believe in finding the cause. We believe in working with you, the individual — not with your symptoms. We always practice with the understanding that prevention and mindfulness are nature’s best and safest cures.

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 Don't swim against the current of life

Don’t Swim Against the Current of Life

Many of us waste unfathomable amounts of energy inadvertently working against the body’s natural functioning, instead of with it. Moreover, in the drive to improve their patients’ health, many healing practitioners put you on a path that works against the body, stressing it rather than honoring it. Unnatural, invasive treatments shock the body, causing it to commandeer precious resources needed for healing and restoration.

Many of us want to live a simpler, healthier life — but without a little help, it’s easy to go astray. We can become trapped in behaviors and lifestyle habits that undermine our potential for true wellness, and it’s hard to know how to get back on the right path.

If you don’t listen to the messages your body sends, you can fail to notice preventable health obstacles. This is where we come in — we are your wellness ally on the road to optimal health and self-actualization. At OHA, our practice is based on the premise that healing is intrinsic to the nature of living organisms.

Our bodies are constantly working to maintain homeostasis, or internal equilibrium. We are genetically designed to be compatible with the many healing substances found in nature. So when it comes to wellness, we believe in taking the path of least resistance. That means finding gentle, nontoxic solutions from the natural world. We’re here to help you practice mindful living and powerfully alter your health!

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 Your health ally

Your Health Ally

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, and most of us have trouble knowing where to begin when managing our health. It’s important to have a knowledgeable ally on your wellness journey — someone with exhaustive knowledge and the needed experience to help guide you and keep you from wandering off the path.

One conversation could change your life. Starting a relationship with OHA is a great first step toward vitality and self-actualization.

When was the last time a medical doctor asked you basic questions about your life and habits? When was the last time you talked to a health professional and felt like you got the personal attention you need and deserve? That’s exactly what we do.

Using modern techniques in additional to drawing on the natural healing traditions of cultures from around the world, OHA takes a dynamic and holistic approach to your health. We focus on proactive prevention and wellness promotion. We offer nontoxic, natural solutions to various health issues, minimizing the risk of harm and facilitating your body’s inherent ability to restore itself and maintain optimal health.

In accordance with the naturopathic view of the healer-as-teacher, we’ll also be your guides, teaching you natural health and wellness practices that fit your body and needs.

We want to equip you for a lifetime of optimal health by maximizing your capacity, inspiration, interest and motivation to use all the resources of your body and mind to heal yourself and stay well!

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