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Let me introduce myself. My name is Maria Bond. I’m a board-certified naturopath, licensed massage therapist and bodyworker, master herbalist, registered yoga teacher and hold a Ph.D in transpersonal counseling. In my own path to wellness many years ago, I discovered that traditional Western medicine did not hold all the answers I was seeking.

Not long before my 18th birthday, I began to have severe pain and swelling in my fingers and hands. A trip to my family’s physician earned me a prescription for Butazolidin, a strong, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) well known for its side effects. The drug is often given to horses and other large animals for painful conditions such as arthritis, laminitis and colic.

The medication gave me some relief from the symptoms, but I wanted to know why I had these issues. What was causing them? The answer was a bit mind-numbing: Arthritis. Arthritis? In an otherwise healthy 18 year old? I felt sure I’d learn all about why this was happening in my pre-med courses in school. I didn’t, so I began to seek out alternate pain-relieving options and answers.

Fast forward 15 years and two children later. More symptoms, more pain, less energy. I’d been the victim of a series of disturbing misdiagnoses along the way —  including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, mycoplasma pneumoniae and other frightening disorders. Over the years I began to develop an interest in less conventional options: modalities such as herbal remedies, nutrition and homeopathy.

Around this time, a friend referred me to a naturopathic doctor who suggested a test for gluten intolerance. When the testing came back positive for celiac disease, I knew I had the answers to so many years of suffering. None of my regular doctors had believed that celiac disease could cause the variety of symptoms I was experiencing. But I finally had answers, a plan, and relief, and I knew I had a major role to play in my personal health journey and that of others.

I have more than 20 years of studying, researching, living and practicing the tenets of traditional naturopathy. The road was not always easy. But, it has been deeply rewarding. Although naturopathy is an old and respected form of health care, some people believe it is quackery, pseudoscience or “hippie medicine.” Worldwide, less than 30% of healthcare is delivered by conventional medical doctors. The balance is composed of practitioners working through alternative channels which consider each persons’ physical, mental, emotional, environmental and social factors – all of which have a profound effect on an individual’s health. The holistic system of naturopathy includes a variety of non-invasive therapeutic modalities to assist in a wide range of health conditions. The naturopathic philosophy is to find the cause of any issue, not just treat the symptoms. It is an excellent approach to maintaining wellness.

My plan is to review, rate, rant, learn and share my thoughts with you on all things that can impact your health in both positive and negative ways. My hope is that through these blog posts you’ll find answers to your questions, make good health decisions and find peace and happiness in your life. Please join me in this quest for vibrant health.

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